“I want to say I appreciate everything this organization stands for. This brotherhood is phenomenal and very efficient when it comes to lending a helping hand to our young black males today. There is always time to help someone and in my eyes, that is what this organization does.  I consider myself a prime example of what Young Men of Resilience does for young men. Ms. Sarah gave me a call years ago about going to college and I ignored it because I was making good money at a job. Long story short things happened and I got  a second chance. The reason for the second chance is because of my father, Trailblazer Ted Younger and  the Young Men of Resilience  Program. I just want to thank this entire organization for what it has done for me and what it does for other black men who've been in worst situations than I have. God  bless everyone involved in making a difference and I hope you all grow into something global so we can have our black men in books instead of getting booked." 
Keace Younger 
Union, NJ 

"About two years ago, my family and I were homeless. We  moved from motel to motel for about three months before we  were placed at the Ozanam Shelter. Not long after we got there, Young Men of Resilience hosted a baby shower at the shelter during Christmas holidays. The family and organization was so loving, caring and compassionate they made me feel like I was one of their own. They have done so much and I am proud and humbled through all of their accomplishments. I wish them many more years of success and blessings. My family is no longer homeless. We now have our own apartment. I have graduated and am on my way to the Navy."  
Plainfield, NJ 

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